Monday, May 16, 2011

Reason behind the name " The Notebook"

I am fairly certain that the author Nicholas Sparks wrote the charters from the notebook, Ali and Noah after William and I.  For example from this quote.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee Shop Love, it's Bittersweet

One of our favorite past times.
Will... getting coffee.
Jen... getting her picture taken.

photos teken by Jayme Kanani Photography  (we love her, btw!!)







Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I miss and love....

1. I miss how William would always make fun of my crazyness. He has this way of mocking me on the most charming way, and Hilarious way!! 

2. lazy movie nights where we would just chill in P.J. all weekend, watching romantic comedy or the office, something to make us laugh out loud.

3. Weekly or monthly Will would come home with a new great idea for our future. Either  a way to make money or new hobby. Ill admit sometimes it frustrated me, but mostly it just made me love him
 even more because he is such a dreamer and sets goals.

4. love that Will is such a foody and gets me to try new things.

5. I love that Willy just lets me be me, even if he totally thinks its crazy! MY WORKING OUT/PAYING FOR RACES.

6. His FACE and laugh I miss and love that. I know he is still alive I just wanted get some stuff off my chest. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Crazed to say the least!!!!

So this Saturday I did a spirit TRI with my brother Jeremy and a few of his SLC police friends. Needless to say WE (jer and I) have created a monster. I want more harder, longer, faster. I am sure my Husband will love that! I am thinking IRON MAN...Jeremy went form saying three year to next year! I am still good with three. I would like to have a baby first. Anyways that's another day. We are going to do a half iron man in Bear Lake this August. I know so fun! A half consist of  1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a half marathon 13.1 mile run. Swimming is my newest challenge and that it is!! I love that i get to do this stuff with my brother its so fun to pump each other up and brag about our cray workouts for the day. Good times.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Wedding

Me a blogger?? Here I am

So I thought I would start a blog to have a journal online how neat. I am not a great speller but how ever enjoy writing, go figure. Well I guess ill start by saying that William and I were married October 3 2009 at rose sach garden in parleys canyon. (amazing) We bought a condo in bountiful that we out grew in a month. I work for a Dermatologist in Bountiful IHC. I have been in this field for 5 or so years. Its crazy busy but fun. William as many of you know was all over the place soul searching for the right thing.
After just passing our one year mark. William deiced to join the army reserves. He did some serious soul searching and was given a great opportunity to get amazing training. His MOS is biomedical equipment specialist. So he will be fixing EKG machines and other important medical equipment. He just graduated from basic top of his class(honor grad) along with getting a promotion. This was an amazing thing for him to do. I can tell he feels so proud and like he is doing something honorable with his life. He did however have to leave me behind for a 14 month training period.  Its getting easier now that we can talk. But man the first two months we sent letters(which i find to be very old school and romantic) and could only talk on the phone on Sundays. Now that he is Texas and starting the MOS training we can talk on the phone text i can also go visit. My first visit will be On my Birthday May 26. I am so excited to see him. So right now our life is about new beginnings. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing support team at home during this tough time you know being away from my husband and all. I have a couple of good friends living in our condo so i moved in with my parents. I am a hotel guest says my father. I love it and yearn for my own place. BIG plans when William comes home. Well that's the last year in a shorten post.