Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I miss and love....

1. I miss how William would always make fun of my crazyness. He has this way of mocking me on the most charming way, and Hilarious way!! 

2. lazy movie nights where we would just chill in P.J. all weekend, watching romantic comedy or the office, something to make us laugh out loud.

3. Weekly or monthly Will would come home with a new great idea for our future. Either  a way to make money or new hobby. Ill admit sometimes it frustrated me, but mostly it just made me love him
 even more because he is such a dreamer and sets goals.

4. love that Will is such a foody and gets me to try new things.

5. I love that Willy just lets me be me, even if he totally thinks its crazy! MY WORKING OUT/PAYING FOR RACES.

6. His FACE and laugh I miss and love that. I know he is still alive I just wanted get some stuff off my chest. 

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